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A Companion Tool for the NCHRP 08-115 Guidebook

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The TAM Data Assistant is designed to help transportation professionals answer the above question.

In conjunction with the NCHRP 08-115 Guidebook, this tool provides a structured approach to assess current TAM practices and improve use of data and information for TAM.

What Can I Do With This Tool?

  • Assess each aspect of your data lifecycle for TAM
  • Browse through potential improvements for each aspect
  • Select improvements you may want to implement at your agency
  • Prioritize, score, comment, sort, and filter your selected improvements
  • Produce helpful charts and graphics to analyze patterns and trends in your assessment
Where Do I Start?

This tool was built to be flexible. There is a lot of content here, and you can tackle it anyway you'd like – every agency is different and we wanted to leave the control in your hands.

  • Pick and choose only the assessment areas you want to evaluate.
  • Skip forward to improvement evaluation or assessment summary at any point.
  • Share your outcomes using standardized charting, or export your results to an excel file and do your own custom analysis.
Help Along the Way

Look for the     icon. On any of the assessment pages, click on the help icon to get more information on how to use the tool.

For Best Performance

We recommend you run the tool in a Chrome or Firefox browser.